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About Us
 Excellence in Molding

VPMI offers a superb one stop capability for manufacturing injection molding products from Design thru Molding and Final Assembly.

Below are the features that make VPMI a leader:

  • A New Manufacturing Factory - 14,000 sq ft.
    Controlled environment for molding operations.

  • Product Design
    In-house 3D CAD design
    Over 20 years of experience in development of plastic products
    Extensive material selection experience
    Close relationships with outside design firms.

  • Full 'In-House' Mold Design & Mold Making machine shop
    Windows NT work stations running CAD/CAM/CAE including:
    Solidworks (CAD), Fa-run (flow analysis), Surfcam (CAM).
    Internet import & export of CAD/CAM files
    Low cost tooling for development requirements

  • Proven performance in delivering high quality parts
    VPMI clients include many Internationally known companies

  • Rigid Quality Control procedures
    Production inprocess inspection every two hours.
    Final inspection is made of product before shipment.
    QC to Medical standards.