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What's New
 December 1999

The VPMI Team welcomes you to our new Web Site.

Ventura Precision Injection Molding, Inc., is a leading injection molding business that provides services from Product Design & Moldmaking through Molding & Assembly.

Our site contains straight forward information about our business and what it is that we do. We feature new technical information every month about injection molding technology with the intent of creating an ever growing source of useful information.

In our first issue the featured subjects were:
        'What is Injection Molding'.
        'Materials for Injection Molding'.

This month we feature:
        'Why Molds are Expensive'.

Next month the subjects will be:
        'The Most Commonly Used Materials and Why'.

If you wish to be notified of updates, we invite you to register in our Notice Registration page. Once registered, we will notify you by email every 30 days or so, about the latest 'Technology Paper' additions to our site.

I personally thank you for your visit and trust that your tour is enjoyable.