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What We Do
 VPMI - Injection Molding Business

VPMI's primary focus is as a manufacturer of high quality parts for Medical and High Technology applications.

To achieve this we provide services from start to finish, and in essence become a part of our clients team. This means that we are usually involved from the initial product design concept stage, so that we can provide technical assistance in terms of: material selection, design for injection molding, mold development decisions, cost analysis, stereolithography prototypes, etc.

By providing such services, VPMI has an enviable proven history of manufacturing parts of superior quality for internationally known businesses.

Overview of our Manufacturing Capability:

A First Class in-house Mold Making operation with CNC equipment and EDM. Prototype aluminum molds thru high production hardened steel molds are produced, including unthreading and hot runner features.

A First Class Controlled Environment Injection Molding Capability:

  • Late model Cincinnati Milacron injection molding machines ranging from 55 ton to 220 ton (3 oz. to 20 oz.) with hydraulic corepull.
  • Molding machines and auxiliary equipment are all microprocessor based with digital setups stored in memory.
  • Molding processes have closed loop control.
  • Molding machines have nine channels of SPC.
  • Ultrasonic Welding.
  • High volume four color pad transfer printing.
  • Both commodity and engineering plastic materials are utilized.
  • In-house coloring capability.

Quality Assurance:

  • Production receives inprocess inspection every two hours.
  • Final inspection is made of product before shipment.
  • Equipment used includes gage pins, calipers, surface plate test equipment & optical comparator.
  • Functional tests for leaks etc.
  • SQC capable.